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Starting a tradition and
Making memories to last

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Welcome to Suomi-koulu Family Camp!

Our first annual camp will be held in Hauli Huvila on August 9-11, 2024.

Here, Finnish and Finnish-American families will enjoy a fun-filled camp experience.

If you're looking for summer memories to last a lifetime, Suomi-koulu family Camp

in Hauli Huvila will deliver!

The camp offers educational activities in Finnish, supported in English, such as traditional Finnish outdoor games, sports, arts and crafts, water fun and swimming, traditional Finnish baking, board games, camp fire and of course sauna!

During the camp, children will actively hear and use Finnish language while learning about Finland, its traditions and culture. The Suomi-koulu camp is a wonderful opportunity and place to meet new friends from the same cultural background, make memories and have fun in a summer-house-like environment!

Lämpimästi tervetuloa Suomi-koulun

kesäleirille Hauli Huvilalle elokuussa 2024!

Our Mission

Suomi-koulu family Camp is organized in cooperation
between Finnish schools of San Diego and Los Angeles.

The mission of the Suomi-koulu family camp is to connect children and families with their Finnish heritage, create friendships, and foster cultural understanding.


Join us for unforgettable Suomi-koulu family camp weekend and be a part of our mission to engage the Finnish community and provide a fun and enriching experience for children. 

Our goal for the camp is a Finntastic educational weekend
for the whole family!

The camp is family-focused. Children will participate with their parents and camp will have schedule for the educational program, free time, meals, quiet time and of course swimming and sauna-time!


Camp Co-Founders

Jenny Newell












Jenny Newell was born in Kajaani, Finland. She studied at University of Oulu, where she earned her  Master's Degree in Arts (Education).   


After graduation Jenny moved to Helsinki where she worked as a teacher and in the Helsinki City Department of Education.

Jenny has worked for the Finnish school of New England 2018-2019 and for Finnish school of San Diego since 2019. Currently she teaches the baby music class and a class for children 3-6 years old. 


Jenny is passionate about maintaining ties with Finland and instilling a love of Finnish culture and cultural traditions in her two children. Finnish community in Southern California plays an important role for her family. 

During Suomi-Koulu Family Camp, Jenny is working to build a fun and educational atmosphere for children and families and she can't wait to see you all at Suomi-koulu Camp in Hauli Huvila!

Selma Seppänen


Selma Seppänen was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. She attended the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where she received her Master of Music degree. After graduating, Selma worked in Uppsala, Sweden, for seven years before moving to Orange County, California in 2015.

Selma is deeply engaged in the Finnish communities in the area, serving as a teacher and president at the Finnish School of Los Angeles, acting as Music Director for Suomi-kirkko in both Los Angeles and San Diego, and performing at various Finnish events. Selma has three kids, and she is enthusiastic about sharing the Finnish culture, language and traditions with her kids.

Selma is dedicated to crafting an enriching camp experience where people can come together to connect, collaborate, have fun and learn new. Through engaging activities, she aims to foster a vibrant environment of creativity and friendships. She is looking forward to meeting you at Suomi-koulu Camp!

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